Invivo X Sarah Jessica Parker SJP Sauvignon Blanc 75 CL

Marlborough – New Zeeland

The icon Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal touch on the wine has created a unique and beautiful Sauvignon Blanc that has seduced everyone with its characteristic flavor profile and ultra-smooth feel. From flabby New York to idyllic New Zealand.

Good at:
Fish – fatty, fish – lean, shellfish, sushi


Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful but unique style of Sauvignon Blanc that is soft with a subtle oak influence. Late harvest, a little skin contact and time in French barrels all contribute to the characteristic flavor profile and delicious experience in the mouth. The fragrance is rich, complex and elegant. Guava, orange blossom and lime peel combine to heighten the refined, aromatic experience. The wine starts wide on the palate, finds all available taste buds and then expands further with notes of passion fruit, ripe pepper and candied lemon peel throughout the mouth. Texturally, the wine is full-bodied with a sublime acidity that counteracts the complexity of the taste.

Serving temperature: 12-13°C


The wine is created with passion and care, through a 100% artisanal process, where the grapes enjoy the slow ripening in the refreshing climate. This gives the wine depth with an intense and aromatic taste experience. With modern techniques, it is ensured that the grapes are carefully hand-harvested in the cool evening hours, before they are gently de-stemmed and pressed. Only the purest yeast strains are added to emphasize the natural fruitiness of the grapes. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks with temperature control, which preserves the wine’s refreshing fruit and intense aromas.

About the manufacturer

The story began in a bar in London, where the two childhood friends Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron decided that the traditional approach to wine production in New Zealand should be challenged. They were not afraid to take chances and explore unknown paths. It was their bold spirit and their desire to create something unique that founded Invivo.

Tim and Rob spent many hours in the vineyards to understand how New Zealand’s different terroirs affected the taste of their wines. They traveled far and wide to find the best grapes, and they collaborated with local winegrowers to achieve the highest level of quality.

Invivo quickly grew in popularity and their wines have been honored with awards and accolades all over the world. They have, among other things, entered into a collaboration with the world-famous American actress Sarah Jessica Parker from the cult series “Sex and the City”, and together they have created the wine series – “INVIVO X, SJP”, which has taken reviewers and wine lovers by storm.

Today, Invivo is one of the leading producers in New Zealand and they continue to deliver wines of the highest quality. The history of the winery is a reminder that with passion, courage and innovation you can create something extraordinary.

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