Bergens Aquavit 1818 70 cl. 41,5%

Bergens Aquavit 1818 is a completely classic, Norwegian cumin aquavit, which is made according to an old recipe from H.R. Martens Brenneri in Bergen – a place whose tradition of brandy dates back to 1531. Before bottling, the aquavit is aged in oak casks, which previously contained the southern Spanish hot wine, sherry, which gives it delicate notes of dried fruit and a light sweetness.

Colour: Light golden.
Aroma: Cumin, anise and a hint of citrus.
Tasting notes: Medium-bodied with light sweetness, dried fruit and cumin.

Serving suggestions: The obvious accompaniment to the Danish lunch table. Enjoy it slightly chilled, but not necessarily ice cold.

Bergen Aquavit 1818 is a very traditional aquavit. It is based on an old recipe from H.R. Martens distillery in Bergen, thus reviving the city’s proud traditions in brandy, which stretches back to 1531. The taste is relatively mild and the classic taste of aquavit is gently rounded off by star anise and lemon peel after aging in old sherry casks. Typical of a good aquavit, the aftertaste is also suitably warm and spicy – a thoroughly classic aquavit that goes perfectly with fish dishes and pork.

Arcus is one of the Nordic region’s largest wine and spirits distributors. The company’s roots go back to the 1800s, when the trade started with casks of aquavit, and it is definitely aquavit that is Arcus’ greatest strength today – they are probably one of the best in the discipline at all!

In 2012, Arcus bought De Danske Spritfabrikker, and their impressive portfolio thus includes brands such as Aalborg Akvavit, Gammel Dansk and Braastad Cognac, in addition to all the Norwegian classics such as Lysholm, Løiten, Gammel Opland and a large number of other old, traditional brands.

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