Albert Bichot Marc de l’Adoration 70 CL 44%

Marc de Bourgogne

Marc de l’adoration is made of the grapes that are not used for wine making. They are gently pressed, fermented and then stored in tanks without air and light for approx. Two months. The Marc is then distilled in traditional, Burgundian copper boilers. The distillation is continued by experienced, independent distilleries taking from vineyard to vineyard to distill and perform their work with know-how, who has gone down in heritage from father to son for several generations. Then comes a long period when the distillate is stored on oak barrel.

A careful distillation, long storage and a skilled work of blending the different distillers gives Marc de l’Adororation all his wealth and complexity. A century tradition is preserved through all the phases included in the production of Maison Albert Bichot’s Marc de l’Adororation.

This Marc has a nice golden color, and it pulls curtains around the glass. The scent has notes of grape must and fresh hay.

The taste starts warm and generous, but is still full of finesse and fruit trudge. It has a lovely balance and the strokes of oak do not mask Marc de l’Adoration’s fresh notes.

Marc de l’adoration can be enjoyed at room temperature and is perfect as the end of a good dinner.

70 cl./44%

The Vinfirma Maison Albert Bichot was founded by Bernard Bichot in 1831 in the small town of Monthelie. Today, the sixth generation that drives the company, which is housed in Beaune just outside the city wall. Bichot represents fields everywhere in Burgundy and today is one of the largest Burgundy exporters. Furthermore, Bichot owns three highly respected domains: Domaine Long-depaquit in Chablis, Domaine du Clos Frantin in Nuits-Saint-Georges and Domaine du Pavillon in Pavillon.

In recent years, Maison Albert Bichot has undergone a generational change, not only in the management of the company, but also throughout the building around wine growing and vinification.

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