Harahorn Gin – Orange Dry 50 cl. 42%

Norweigan Small Batch Gin

Big, complex and spicy gin experience, which comes from a bouquet of flowers, exotic pepper, angelica root, juniper and fresh lime peel together with Ceylon cinnamon bark from Ceylon.

Lemon, lime, orange and Norwegian rhubarb give a fresh and rich citrus taste. This gives it a slightly fruity taste from the start. As this slowly subsides, cool elements emerge from the Orris root, while the caraway seeds give the palette a moment of total relaxation, preparing you for a light spicy kick at the very end.

About the Norwegian Distillery
Det Norske Brenneri has its production and cask storage in Grimstad in Southern Norway, on Kristiansand and a ferry ride to Denmark. Among other things, various brands of aquavit and apple brandy have been produced here since the production monopoly in Norway was dissolved in 2005. Det Norske Brenneri uses only the best herbs and spices, many of them from Norwegian nature. Due to the climate, there are few places on the globe where herbs and berries have a similar taste and aroma as in Norway. The frames are still small, and the smallest plant at the distillery can only handle 15 litres. So it’s a long way from the big mastodons you know. Det Norske Brenneri collaborates with botanist Rolv Hjelmstad, places great emphasis on cask aging and uses only the best Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez in Spain.

Broke the Norwegian monopoly
The spirit production monopoly was dissolved in Norway in 2005, and Det Norske Brenneri was the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years of monopoly. Today, they are the country’s second largest spirits producer and are rightly proud of their craftsmanship. Aquavit, just like in Denmark, is closely associated with history and traditions, and the first written sources date back to the 16th century.

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lime fruit



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