Tequila El Tequileño – Añejo Gran Reserva 70 CL 40%

Premium 100% Agave Tequila

An extremely complex añejo tequila from 100% agave. A very tasty tequila!

Oak, vanilla, orange and baked agave.

Sweet acorns, vanilla, baked agave, sweet spices, oranges, dried fruit and caramel.

About the Product
El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva is made from 100% specially selected blue agave from the highlands of Jalisco. These are combined with mineral-rich water from El Volcan Del Tequila, and distilled in copper pot stills. The tequila is then matured to perfection in American and French oak barrels. This tequila is a happy marriage of the distillery’s best añejo tequia and most exclusive extra añejo tequila, resulting in a tequila of immense depth and complexity.

El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva is a so-called añejo tequila, and has therefore been aged in barrels for a minimum of 1-3 years. Añejo tequilas are often very complex in taste, and show clear characteristics of the oak barrels in which they have been aged.

El Tequileño Añejo Gran Reserva is released at an ABV of 40%.

About El Tequileno
Tequileño is one of the most highly respected and popular premium tequila brands in the world. And not without reason – the distillery was founded in 1959 by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo in the city of Tequila, Mexico. The distillery took its name from the town – a name that is not entirely accidental. Because the town of Tequila is the place where the agave-based spirit was first distilled, and it is also where the drink gets its name.

In addition to this historical heritage, Tequileño is also special in that it is one of the very few tequila distilleries that releases its tequila under its own name. Normally in the tequila industry, the distilleries sell their tequila to independent bottlers, who then sell it under their own name. Tequileño handles the entire process himself – from planting and harvesting the blue agave, to mixing and bottling the final tequila drink.

Tequileño today publishes a number of different tequilas: Under the 1959 premium line you will find classics such as blanco, reposado, cristalino and añejo; and for those who want a more economical and drinks-focused alternative, you will find a blanco and reposado.

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oak barrel



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