Crème de Cassis – Gabriel Boudier Dijon 70 CL 20%

French Premium Black Currant Liqueur

The day-to-day management in the company, Gabriel Boudier, today is handled by the Battault family, who acquired the company in 1936. Since 1874, Gabriel Boudier’s Crème de Cassis de Dijon has been responsible for being a unique product. Quality and tradition has always been fundamental to the production of this particular Crème de Cassis.

Only blackcurrants of the highest quality are used, and often it is the president of Gabriel Boudier, Pierre Battault, which itself is the approval of the quality of the soluzzries. The natural fermentation process produces the fine sunburnaromas, and a very small sugar adjustment guarantees the harmonious balance that is so characteristic of Boudier’s Créme de Cassis.

This créme de cassis has a deep, violet color. The scent leads one in the direction of fresh, newly picked black currants. The taste is incredibly fat, rich and creamy.

Créme de Cassis can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled.

It can also be used in Kir: 4/5 del Bourgogne Aligoté / other dry white wine and 1/5 del Crème de Cassis. At Kir Royal, the same mixing ratio is used, however, the white wine is replaced by Champagne Brut or another dry, sparkling wine.

70 cl./20s

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Weight 1 kg