Kopke Port – 10 Years Old White 75 CL 20%

Douro Valley Port

An absolutely excellent barrel-aged white gate in a quality that Kopke has been able to achieve by using a high average age for the class in the mix. In addition, they draw on the house’s centuries-long experience with cask-aged port wines, where Kopke belongs to a small elite.

As Kopke 10 Years Old White is only made from green grapes (including malvasia fina, viosinho, gouveio, codega), the aging is felt to a particular degree, as the grapes’ imprints are less visible in the aroma picture than a similar tawny. As with other cask-aged port wines with an indication of age, this white port is a juxtaposition of a large number of vintages from Kopke’s impressive stock of old casks. Chief blender, Carlos Alves, says that the average age of the wine is somewhere between 10 and 20 years, which explains the intensity, complexity and a ‘lifted’ acidity that is far above what one can expect from a 10-year-old port wine.

The aroma and taste are intense with a glorious potpourri of dried fruit, crème brûlée, nuts, smoke, nutmeg, cedar peel, pomerans, as well as an underlying fruit of the 2nd violin with galia melon and jam pear. The sweetness is nicely matched by the acid, so that the whole appears with the right weight. The aftertaste has exemplary length.

Serve Kopke White 10 Years Old at 10-15 ° of a good white wine glass, while you are surprised that you have not drunk this wine before now.

the maximum 6 stars in Berlingske Tidende

“… it almost makes the Christmas angels sing. I’m well aware that I’m going to quarrel with all the port wine experts in this country when I claim that the white is the best of them all! But white port can just something very special when well made.
It is fresher and has a more vibrant acid play, something that makes it immensely resilient and airy in the mouth.
Granted: if you go for weight and concentration, then you long for a vintage gate, but if you are for the light and elegant, you grab a white from a good manufacturer – such as now, for example, Kopke’s 10 years.
… Normally I have no problem adjusting the intake of port wine, but here I can not get enough. Hooray for Kopke’s 10 year old, who is once a floating Christmas in a bottle. Maybe it’s a week late for the Christmas party, but hey. It can be drunk all year round – that’s good! ”

“Absolutely wonderful scent of almond, raisin and velvety teddy bear sweetness. Rich, intense and at the same time elegant port wine with an immeasurable acid freshness. Outstanding port wine. It is well!”

Jancis Robinson: 10 Year Old is exceptionally good value for an extremely complex wine.

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