Emilio Hidalgo – Pedro Ximenez Sherry (PX) 50 CL 15%

Sweet Oak Aged Sherry – Spain

While most sherries are based on the palomino grape, this sherry is made from aromatic hand-harvested, sun-dried pedro ximénez grapes.

This is not a display of fragile, refined sip wine, but a dark demonstration of the power of a wine with enormous concentration and kilometers of aftertaste.

The extract-rich grape juice is most often used to upgrade the sweetness in sherry types, especially in cream sherries, but this dark and viscous pedro ximénez (or just p.x) alone is a viscous elixir with tremendous fullness and power.

The grapes for this sweet wine are harvested by hand when the sugar content is extremely high, after which the raisin-like grapes are allowed to dry on bast mats, so that only a viscous must is included in the fermentation. The finished wine is then stored for many years in casks in the cellar.

The wine’s residual sugar content (over 400 gr / liter!) Can make any pancreas tremble, but still the wine appears harmonious, as the acid content balances the overall impression. The result is a wine that can be enjoyed lightly chilled at the end of a good meal, with or on top of ice cream-based desserts – preferably with pickled prunes, figs or the like. e.g., for sacher pie or such types or as a solid counterpoint to Christmas crunch.

The unmistakable greeting from the “raisins” and hints of figs, prunes and dried dates are a consistent taste impression spiced with coffee beans, nuts and powdered sugar.

Hidalgo P.X. is extremely viscous with a fullness that you have to chew through and an aftertaste that stays for several minutes. The wine does not win when stored, but does not get worse either – and can last for several months after opening.

Contains 50 cl.

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