Le Peagnè – Recioto Vaona 50 cl. 14%

Dessert Wine – Della Valpolicella Italy

Colour: burgundy red.
Tasting notes: elegant, smooth and velvety, sweet.
Food pairings: served chilled, it is ideal with pastries (e.g. sbrisolona) and blue-veined cheeses, or for meditation.
Bouquet: intense and persistent fruit, with balsamic notes.
Alc./Vol: 13.5 – 14% vol
Residual sugar: 110 – 120 gr/lt
Total acidity: 5.5/6 gr/lt
Origin: vineyards owned by the Vaona family, located in the hills in the municipal district of Marano di Valpolicella in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella area, at an average altitude of 200 -250 meters above sea level.
Soil: excellent sun exposure and the chemical and physical nature of the soil provide the ideal conditions for growing grapes destined for a long period of drying for the vinification of Recioto wine.
Grape variety: Corvina 30%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%, Raboso Veronese 5%. Age of the vineyard 10/40 years.
Harvest: when ripe, the grapes are carefully selected and placed on bamboo racks, where they undergo a TRADITIONAL drying process for about 5 months. Vinification technique: gentle pressing of the grapes is preceded by partial removal of the stalks. This is followed by 7-10 days of maceration at a low temperature (1-2°C), which encourages a higher concentration of varietal aromas. The fermentation process, which is quite slow, allows the wine to reach an alcohol content of 11 – 12% in 7-9 days, while maintaining a consistent residual sugar content. It is important to point out that the time the wine stays in contact with the marcs is considerably reduced in order to avoid excessive extraction of tannins and to encourage a halt in the fermentation process.
Refinement: after some decanting operations, 50% of the Recioto wine is left to refine in steel tanks and the remaining 50% in 225-litre cherry wood kegs. This phase lasts approximately 12 – 14 months and is important because during this time fermentation takes place that leads to a balance of alcohol and sugar, which is decisive for the stability of this wine. The refinement period in bottles lasts approximately 5 months.

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