24 Herbs Botanic Mango & Lime Gin 70 cl.

Polish Botanical Premium Gin

Brand new gin brand on the market, with ambitions to conquer the whole world! Big-stakes Trend Spirits from Poland asks the question whether class gin needs to be so expensive, and even provides the answer with their 24 Herbs series. We are quite impressed with their level and for the price they are impossible to overlook. Trend Spirits is owned by one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, and yes; it offers certain advantages with access to delicious bottles at low prices. Especially in these times when many others are seeing their bottle prices double, it makes a difference.

During 2022, they have taken the domestic market in Poland by storm, and now they are ready to deliver to the ever-growing gin market globally. In Poland they have won a sea of gold medals and awards, but have not been so visible at global events yet. But it will probably come.

The content, the design and the prices are completely sharp, so we hope and believe they will achieve great success.

As the name suggests, a total of 24 flavors are used, including: lemon fruit, lemon peel, chamomile flower, sweet clover, thyme, bitter orange, angelica root, cardamom, Mullein flower, quinine bark, Roman chamomile flower, peppermint and cinnamon bark. All natural ingredients and no artificial additives or sugar have been used.

This version has further added natural mango and lime, giving a distinctly fruitier gin than the original. Very delicate and delicious, where the sweet mango is nicely counterbalanced by the more acidic lime.

It is produced in small batches and comes in beautiful individually numbered bottles with wooden stoppers.

Quality product throughout, but at pure discount prices

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lime fruit





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