SMÅ Jule Shots Pebermynte Juleshot 100 CL 16,4%

Danish Christmas Peppermint Vodka Shot

Small peppermint Juleshot is a Christmas shot that tastes of the famous Christmas sticks!

Small peppermint Juleshot is a delicious fresh shot made on the finest pure vodka with a lovely rounded taste of peppermint. Small peppermint Juleshot is for those who want to bowl in anything other than snaps for the Christmas party and Christmas’s many parties. Small peppermint Juleshot is perfect as hosting gift, adventsgave or in a Christmas basket.

Small peppermint Juleshot can be served partly as shot, but also advantageously mixed for drinks.

The alcohol plant Denmark that distributes wine and spirits is a subsidiary of the company Huwa Holding and part of Huwa Holding Group. Premium Production ApS is the producing company in the group, where the manufacturer’s only customer is the Spritfabrikken Danmark ApS.

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