Autentico Nativo 20 Years Rum

Panama Aged Rum

With Autentico Nativo Room Aged 20 years you get a minimum of 20 year old Rome directly from Panama’s tropical climate. It is a Rome that brings with everything you want of an old premium room; A wealth of taste notes and balanced sweetness. Here you can really taste the high age.

In collaboration with the people behind Authentico Nativo Space, Don Pancho Fernandez, which has more than 50 years of experience in the production of Rome, created this series of exquisite Rome. Don Pancho began his career in Cuba, where he was trained by his mentor Ramon Fernandez Corrales. Since the 90s, Don Pancho lived in Panama, where he has helped to create the best Rome in the world, in collaboration with Destilería Las Cabras where Autentico Nativo Space is distilled.

AUTENTICO Nativo Space Aged 20 years is matured in Panama for a minimum of 20 years on used barrels from American whiskey production. So there is no question of a Solera room or a mix of Rome with different age – this rom is matured for a minimum of 20 years. Real 20 years old Rome is a special view, but here you get the opportunity to taste what ‘real age’ means for a rom.

With its 40% alcohol, autentico Nativo Rum combines 20 years the strong taste of dish, which for 20 years has affected the Roman DNA of the Romm. The taste is dominated by light toast notes, roasted nuts, vanilla, caramelist fruit and soft tannins. An incredibly soft and complex experience with a nice balanced sweetness as well as a long aftertaste.

Do yourself a favor and try this Rolls-Royce of a Rome.

Awards: Autentico Nativo Rum Aged 20 Years

Best of Show – Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, 2020
Gold – Sip Awards, 2019
Double Gold – Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, 2019
Gold – Space Renaissance Festival
Gold – World Spirits Competition San Francisco, 2019
94 Points (Gold Winner) – New York Intl. Spirits Competition, 2020
Silver – German Space Festival, 2018


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