Walcher Limoncello Biologico (ECO) 70 CL 25%

da Limoni di Sicilia – Italy

Unique Limoncello – made from organic lemons from Sicily. Rich aroma and with less sugar than many others, this Limoncello becomes more refreshing. A nice “Italian kick” after a good dinner!

Summer recipes with Walcher Limoncello: 2 cl. Limoncello is mixed with 8 cl. prosecco. Enjoy with ice cream and a handful of your favorite berries. 3 cl. Limoncello is mixed with 3 cl. good citrus gin. Enjoy with ice – and a little lemon peel.

In 1966 Alfons Walcher founded the family distillery “Maso” in Turmbachhof in Alto Adige in South Tyrol. The distillery is located near Appiano on the wine route in Alto Adige, and the site has been in the family for 9 generations now. It was also here that Alfons Walcher distilled his first grappa and brandy – all from a small, old-fashioned still kettle. Grappa and other types of spirits from Walcher are made with grapes from the wine producer Alois Lageder, with whom they have collaborated for several years. The Alto Adige area benefits from perfect climatic conditions – the combination of approx. 280 sunny days a year and cool nights mean that the grapes here develop a very special complexity. Today, it is the son Theodor Walcher who is responsible for the distilling and production at Walcher. His many years of expertise means that the company’s products are today on the top quality shelf in spirits. The Walcher family makes both conventional and organic products. It is primarily products belonging to the latter category that we have included in our range.

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