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Sistema Solera – Guatemala Premium Aged Rum

Really an exclusive room in limited number, you like Romel Loves should strongly consider having standing in the home bar. Within four years, a Rome is released every year that emphasizes one of the elements of the legendary Zacapa 23 – one of the world’s best Rome. La Doma has seen an extra long maturation in ancient American whiskey dishes. Each bottle in Heavenly Cask Collection is a tribute to the fath types that have been used to mature Zacapa 23. The first edition of the four limited editions is a blend of 6-24 year old Rome stored on old, American whiskey dish. The result appears beautiful and mahogany colored in the glass with golden touch and an intense, fruity and enticing aroma. The skadene makes its mind to ensure a really fruity, tropical and well-balanced Rome. The extended storage draws the exceptional flavor and fragrance notes from the dish and spoils your taste buds with fresh, honey-like sugar cane notes and an intense tropical taste of pineapples and bananas, as playful dancing on the tongue while small touches of vanilla and oak bids in and Playing with. Drink it as it is or with a large ice cube. If it is to be really festive, then decorations with flamed pineapple or a slice of flamed banana. All in all, a really catchy and silky mouthful.

Guatemalan Ron Zacapa is without discussion one of the world’s best area houses. No less than seven consecutive years, the house has officially got the great term at the serious international room festival. The house does not really have many years in the rear, but then today’s light in 1976, 100 years after the founding of the city of Zacapa, located 112 kilometers from Guatemala City. Unlike many other manufacturers who use Molasse, Zacapa uses the juice from the first pressing of sugar cane. It makes the room more round and soft and helps to secure Zacapa’s characteristic flavoring profile. However, it can also thank the area in southern Guatemala for. The fat soil is rich in volcanic minerals and rivers that give nourishment to all life. Both are helping to secure the depth and aroma of the rum. After distilling, the room is sent in a bit of a journey from the lowland to “the house over the clouds” in the height of 2300 meters, where the cooler temperatures and high humidity benefit the ROM. The fresh mountain air ripens the room and contributes to its deep aroma, its fullness and complex taste notes. It is also here, it stores on oak barrels and reviews the Solera process. What is Solera? Actually a blend, so the finished Rome includes Rome from several fad types and styles – carefully selected by Master Blender Lorena Vásquez. Some fade is made on white, American oak and has contained American whiskey, while others are made of European oak, which has previously contained Cognac, Sherry or Wines at Pedro Ximenez. All the dishes are toasted in varying degree – something that plays a lot in on the finished Rome. It all gives Lorena Vásquez opportunity to put together high quality room with great complexity.

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