QRM – Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Oporto Finish 70 CL 40%

Dominican Premium Aged Rum

Here you get the popular and classic Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario with a further storage on Tønder previously contained port wine. Port wine is manufactured in Portugal and is a popular wedding type in line with Sherry and Madeira. These vint types are added to neutral spirits after fermentation, which means they contain more alcohol than regular wine. Throughout the story, the brand wine was added to the Port Wine to prepare them for the long journey to England, which was previously the main market for export. Port wine therefore maintains an alcohol percentage of between 14-20%, and is available in both sweet and dry versions. A good yearly port wine tastes typically of red berries, marzipan, plums, chocolate and vanilla – taste elements that work well with Rome, why portvinsfade is suitable for fath ends of Rome.

Usually, port wine is stored on large oak barrels that can contain about 500-550 liters of port wine. The timber for the dish will still sit port vine residues in the oak structure, which is passed on to the room when you have recently filled the dish. It therefore means that the rumble now lies on the used portvinse dish occupies some of the taste elements such as the port wine possess. This is called a finish / end, and it is Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Oporto Finish is a luminous example of.

With the taste of the classic elements from Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario as cream caramel, honey, orange peel, oak and coffee integrated the reddish and sweet flavors from the Portvinsefade in the most beautiful way. The fresh citrus elements found in the original are accompanied by a deep and bearing character. Then you get a fan of Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario, the new Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Oporto Finish is a must-try!

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