Nur Behändigkeit Rheinhessen Riesling Trocken (BIO) 75 CL

Pfalz – Germany

The label and name have been developed with equal parts sales appeal and sparkle in the eye. Weingut Karl Schaefer in the Palatinate has bottled the wine for us, and this of course breaks with one of the (basic) principles of sustainability, but bottling in Denmark in the tall, slim bottle (flute) is unfortunately not possible.

“Nur Behändigkeit” is a little closed in the aroma at first, but the wine quickly opens up in the glass and reveals an incredibly deep and complex style. You sense older vines, not least in the taste, where you find an extremely exciting harmony between spicy, bold notes of herbs (mint, lemon balm) and a nice structure and minerality. At the end of the mouth you find discreet notes of grapefruit and pineapple-cherry, which provide both freshness and exoticism.

Suitable for salads, shellfish and fish, but also for pasta or risotto dishes.

We must take care of our beautiful nature. Therefore, the wines from ROOTS BEVERAGES are certified organic and carefully selected from sustainable producers who produce their wines without the use of pesticides and with a low content of sulphites. It is an invariable requirement that the quality of the wines is better than that found on the market in the same price range.

It makes no difference to the quality of a wine whether it is bottled at the producer abroad or transported to DK in sterile tanks to a state-of-the-art bottling plant close to where it is to be sold. But it makes a big difference to the environment. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced when transported in tanks rather than in bottles, as significantly more wine can be transported per lorry. The wines from ROOTS BEVERAGES are bought in bulk and bottled in DK, which means that the emission of CO2 in connection with transport is reduced by more than 30% (compared to domain-bottled wine).

With its approx. 22,000 ha. vineyards, the Palatinate is the second largest wine region in Germany and borders France to the south and Rheinhessen to the north. The area has long been known for its immediate white wines made from e.g. Riesling and Müller-Thurgau, its sparkling wines (sekt) and red wines – often made in Portugieser. The quality has been boosted in recent years as a new generation of manufacturers has come along. Today, you can find quite a few very exciting wines made from, among other things Pinot Noir and Kerner.

The range extends from robust and powerful wines to more simple, mild and refreshing types.

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