Le Gin 70 CL 42%

Christian Drouin – French Premium Gin

Le Gin is an extremely successful marriage between a neutral spirits and distilled apple cider from the family more than 30 apple varieties, which ensures a beautiful balance between acid, sweet and bitter in a complex, creamy, rich and intense gin.

As head of Christian Drouin Calvados, Guillaume Drouin has always been fascinated by finding the right balance between the various aromas. Guillaume Drouin’s ability in the area has given him the nickname alchemist in the industry. Guillaume is 3 generation descendant of Christian Drouin the older. Guillaume Drouin is educated and, after also having dealt with Rome production, he came back to Christian Drouin Calvados in 2004. Here he has since worked with his father Christian Drouin the younger with storage of Vintage Calvados, as well as the production of Cider, Pommeau and Calvados in absolute world class. Christian Drouin Calvados has won 177 gold medals for their products, including the title as Europe’s best spirits manufacturer 2013 at IWSC. In London. Now the trip has come for Guillaume to make gin, of course made on a base of 30 different apple varieties as he also uses for his cider. Christian Drouin’s Gin is based on neutral spirits blended with distilled apple cider. The distillate comes from 30 different apple varieties, some bitters, other bitter / sweet and others again cute. This gives a rich and rich aromatic flavor. The apples are harvested, pressed and fermented during autumn and winter. Then they have been double distilled on small coupler boilers in the spring. This gives a delicate roundness and fullness. Then the 8 spices are macerated and distilled separately into the gin before the final blending. Rosenblade and lemon peel for delicate taste, Brazilian ginger, Madagascar vanilla, Indonesian cinnamon and almond to make the gin soft, spicy and round, as well as cardamom in order to give a fruit and rich taste. Thanks to the separate double distillation of each spice, it contains several flavors a some other gin. This is a superpremium gin with large finesse, elegance and softness.

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