Maui Sauvignon Blanc 75 CL

North Canterbury White – New Zeeland

An aroma bomb on New Zealand’s white ‘national grape’ sauvignon blanc, whose crisp and outgoing style appeals to a wide range of wine lovers who love weightless intensity and good taste. Maui Sauvignon Blanc is an immediate, informal and wonderful wine that is both easy to understand and like.

Maui is a family-owned enterprise where the owners’ Maori origins are undeniable: the vineyards are cultivated on the basis of the Maori sense of belonging to the land. They go about treating it with respect and go very little into paperwork with expensive eco-certificates and hired with inspectors. They prefer to concentrate on making the best possible wine with a clear conscience.

The grapes are sourced from nutrient-poor fields in the Waipara Valley on the south coast of the South Island, one of New Zealand’s coolest wine regions. It provides good conditions complex, fresh white wines.
Winemaker Evan Ward ferments and stores exclusively in stainless steel tanks, and to preserve freshness and freshness, the wine is bottled with a screw cap.

Maui Sauvignon Blanc is completely in the classic New Zealand style, where gooseberries, blackcurrant leaves and elderflower are tied together by green-herbal shades at the back of the aroma picture. In the glass you thus get a dry, effervescent wine with speed across the field. Aroma and taste are elegantly related and the aftertaste has a good length. By virtue of the wine’s contempt for the law of aromatic gravity, the desire for the next glass is preserved despite the intense style.

This is both an exemplary food wine as well as a glorious aperitif. Smoked salmon, Far Eastern food, sushi, fresh goat cheese and asparagus are classics, but it also works great for the vast majority of dishes with fish and light meat, with the common denominator that any accompanying sauce does not have too much fat.

Enjoyed in its youth at 8-13 ° of spacious white wine glasses, where the aroma of the wine is allowed to unfold.

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