Girlan – Pinot Noir “Patricia” 75 CL

Cantina Girlan

Terrific pinot noir / spätburgunder from northernmost Italy, where the Dolomites as a spectacular backdrop provide cold-climate pinot that is not made elsewhere in Italy.

Girlan makes a wide portfolio of different wines – all good – but among the red wines is pinot noir winemaker Gerhard Kofler’s heart child, which one clearly tastes: they are life-loving wines, where the grape’s inherent fragility and juiciness are preserved.

Pinot noir is without comparison the most difficult grape you as a winemaker can deal with. The grape is decidedly fragile and picky with the climatic conditions. Alto Adige is one of the few localities where pinot noir can give wines with juicy ease without missing concentration, and where one finds perfectly good but affordable burgundy substitutes.

The vines of Girlan Patricia Pinot Noir stand for approx. 500 meters altitude on fields in resp. Mazzon and Montagna, where the grapes benefit from excellent sun exposure, lots of minerals in the calcareous, clayey soil and not least cool nights that retain the acid in the grapes.

The hand-harvested grapes are a good few weeks along the way from the arrival at the winery, where the must, and later the wine, completely without pumping along the way, is poured into large wooden barrels for 15 months, after which they are stored for another 6 months in bottle.

The wine exhibits in aroma and taste refreshing and creamy aromas of (earth) berries and cherries. The wine is light and ‘fragile in the right way’ – ie. with delicate aromas but good concentration, without noticeable tannins but with a fruit acid / tartaric acid that holds together the whole.

A tinge of personality has even crept into the bottle.

Enjoyed spacious glasses at a serving temperature of 13-17 ° – now and the next approx. 5 years ahead.

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