La Sapata Aligotè (ECO) 75 cl.

Romanian Bio-White Wine

This Romanian white wine is made from Burgundy’s lesser-known white wine variety Aligoté. On the surface it might seem a bit strange, but in fact Aligoté has enjoyed considerable popularity in several Eastern European countries for a long time. For example, there is more Aligoté in Bulgaria than there is in Burgundy. Somewhat the same applies in Romania, where it was planted in over 10% of the field area when it was most popular. It is therefore not surprising that La Sapata is in possession of a parcel that is more than 40 years old. In addition, they have planted a plot relatively recently, so that production can reach a (still modest) 12,000 bottles. In Burgundy it is mostly known as the lighter and fresher alternative to Chardonnay, and that is exactly what we find here in La Sapata’s interpretation. They specifically go for the fresh expression through cold fermentation and brief aging in stainless steel before releasing as young as possible once it has gathered.

Colour: Straw gold with green reflections.
Smell: Lovely youthful scent with crisp citrus, green apples and a floral touch.
Tasting notes: Intense, fresh, slightly mineral.

Serving suggestion: Served as an aperitif or with fish, shellfish and light meat.

La Sapata Crama Delta Dunarii is located in the Danube Delta in the eastern part of Romania. The delta flows into the Black Sea to the east, and to the north the area shares a border with Ukraine. The climate in the Danube Delta is characterized by cold winters and hot, dry summers. Romania has a long tradition of wine production, and here you can find both well-known, international varieties such as riesling and merlot, and local specialties such as babeasca neagra, feteasca neagra, feteasca regala and a number of other hard-to-pronounce (but excellent) grapes.

La Sapata cultivates its approximately 20 hectares organically and with respect for the nature around the fields, but they also have a goal of social sustainability. In recent decades, the Romanian rural areas have been gradually depopulated as more young people travel to the cities, and La Sapata therefore works with an “ethical commitment” to curb the large emigration by creating jobs for the local population in the rural areas.

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