Marolo Grappa Di Gewurztraminer 70 CL 42%

Distilleria Santa Teresa dei Fratelli Marolo

Marolo Grappa di Gerwürztraminer is a Grappa made on quasiard from grape Gewürztraminer. Until the bottling has rested on tanks of stainless steel, maintaining the perfumed notes of flowers and mature fruit, which makes this grappa a delectible and summer experience to drink. It is tapped at 42% alcohol without any types of additives.
Color: Completely clear.
Fragrance: enchanting floral scent of roses, shelf flower and pear.
Taste notes: In the taste, the flowers go again, and get the company of black currants and a light spicy hint of pepper.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean.

Distilleria Santa Teresa is founded by Paolo Marolo in 1977. Since then, Marolo has had headquarters in Alba and in the surrounding areas of Langhe, Monferrato and Roeros rolling hills are some of the world’s best vineyards. The famous wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, who are born here and deliver quasi to the Grappaen deserves that the distiller shows them the appropriate respect. At Marolo, one would like to be loyal and faithful to the spirit of vineyard; Preserving the character of the grapes in the grappa rather than eradicating it. Slow, gentle distillation of completely fresh grape quass in water bath heated boilers, one distillation apparatus for red grapes, and one for green, preserves as much of the grapes of the grapes as possible.

For a long time, Grappa was drunk unluck, but in 1980 Marolo put the first Grappa on dish. Or rather: They “forgot it on purpose” that the label announced. This Grappa di Barolo, who had rested in small fade of acacia trees, started a revolution in the Grappa world. Today, Marolo is still pioneers in storage and some of the grapes rest in 5, 10, 20 or more years before they are bottled – it depends, of course, what the Grappa in question is best served. The more fadlagring, the more notes of vanilla and spices, but it often happens at the expense of the primary aromas: the aromatic, floral, fruity notes from the grape quasm.

In 1989, Marolo made the first “Single Vineyard” distillation, a rare type of grappa, they still produce. Besides Grappa, Marolo also makes various liqueurs and a classic, Piemontese Amaro.

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