Ricossa Barbera Appassimento

Piemonte DOC

This is the world premiere of Piedmont wine with the name ‘Appassimento’, which has traditionally been reserved for the wines from the Veneto region further east. Ricossa has succeeded with a drink-friendly, full-bodied and rounded Barbera, which hits the target group who prefer fullness without much structure and acidity in the wine.

The hand-harvested bunches of grapes are already placed in the vineyard in small, protective boxes and on arrival at the winery are allowed to stand in the drying room before pressing, whereby the must – and ultimately also the wine – is concentrated. After fermentation, just over half of the wine is stored for 8 months in barriques, while the rest is stored in a standing tank.

Ricossa Barbera Appassimento has a deep, dramatic dark red color with purple tendencies. In the scent you meet notes of dark cherries, blackberry liqueur, violet and marzipan. The taste follows suit with great mouthfeel with dense, rounded berry aromas with a touch of fruit sweetness.

We recommend that you find a meat dish with a certain weight when you have to match food with Ricossa Barbera Appassimento. It could be, for example, a simmered dish with beef or lamb, or a fried dish with a strong sauce.

Served at 16-18 ° of spacious wine glasses.

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Weight 1,2 kg