G Vine – June Wild Peach & Summer Fruits 70 CL 37,5%

Distilled Infused Gin – France

June, city G’vine 30% is Maison Villert’s new superstar in the Gin market, a gin-based liqueur. June is G’vine Floraison’s new crispy leil sister, full of surprise, easier in the alcohol, but with lots of taste. June is a bit sweet opposite G’vine Floraison, which is more “sweet”. June is made at VIndruespiritus like Nouaison Gin, by G’vine and G’vine Floraison, and has Maison Villert’s DNA about purity, class and good taste.

Life notes of grape flowers, peach and juniper, as well as hints of summery fruits and berries it is a summer hit without equal. June was launched in April in Spain, where you sold more than 8000 bottles the first two weeks. The very category of Gin-based brandy is at extreme operation and grew in 2018 by 788% in Europe (The Drinks Business) and the category accounts for 50% of growth for the Gin category as a whole (The Drinks Business).

There is thus the opportunity to join a wave of Gin here.Here follows a few June Recipes: Skinny June: In a wine glass filled with ice Put 4cl June, by G’vine, top up with Danish water (CA 10-15CL) Decorate with peach and strawberry. June Summer Booster: In a wine glass filled with ice Put 4cl June, by G’vine, top up with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic (about 10-15cl). Decorate with peach and ribs. Change Tonic to Indian Tonic to make: (June) Indian Summer. June Collins: Shake following with lots of ice: 6cl June, city G’vine, 3cl freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1cl syglage (1 part of sugar: 1 part water). Say it into a wine glass filled with ice. Top up with 3-4cl Danish water and stir still. Decorate with peach and a lemon boat.

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