Bassermann Jordan Goldmuskateller Organic Eiswein (ECO) 37,5 CL

Basserman-Jordan Pfalz

Wildly enticing and almost intoxicating aroma of flowers, citrus and glorious exotic fruit. Lots of acid on the tongue, but eminently balanced by the sweetness. The aftertaste is extremely long and due to the wine’s level of acidity, it can be stored for decades.
Goldmuskateller is a grape variety with a fairly firm grape skin. This makes the grape particularly suitable for producing sweet wines, as they are not particularly susceptible to rot.

This year we also made a wine from dried grapes.
To this end, fully ripe Goldmuskateller grapes were harvested with great care in small fruit boxes. When the water evaporates from the grape berries, sugar, acid and aroma are concentrated. As soon as the grapes reached a healthy raisin quality, they were gently pressed and fermented.
The typical aroma of the Goldmuskateller grape invites you directly to the nose with the scent of roses, mace and honey.
On the tongue, with the taste of dates and dried mango, we have an almost balsamic, but not too heavy wine with a good structure, which is beautifully balanced with its light acidity. This gives us a concentrated and immediately harmonious wine.
Due to its low alcohol content and its floral lightness, this wine is ideal as an aperitif. If you would like to use this wine as an accompaniment to meals, you will find a tasty combination with a selection of strong cheeses or a dessert.

About Bassermann-Jordan
Wines from Deidesheim in Germany. Bassermann-Jordan was founded in 1718 and was owned by the same family until 2002, when it was bought by Achim Niederberger. Located near Deidesheim and owner of 50 ha on the most renowned fields such as Deidesheimer Kieselberg, Forster Ungeheuer and Forster Jesuitengarten, Bassermann-Jordan is not only among the best Riesling producers in the Palatinate, but in the whole of Germany.

In 2000, Bassermann-Jordan received the fine Deutscher Rieslingpreis, but Bassermann Jordan started their wine journey way back in 1718, when they settled in the Palatinate. It was to become a family business for the next three centuries before businessman Archim Niederberger bought Bassermann Jordan. Since then, things have only progressed for the winery, as Niederberger has had a keen eye for quality and new initiatives. Since the purchase in 2002, Niederberger has managed to completely renovate the winery itself and even launch a gourmet restaurant, a luxury hotel and a brasserie. The vineyards and the production itself have also benefited from Ulrich Mell taking over, as they have invested in expansions and thus achieved the status of the best winery in the Palatinate, both when it comes to affordable wines and prestige wines. Bassermann Jordan produces Grosses Gewächs wines with the aim of creating wines that are long-lasting and therefore particularly worthy of storage. The intention is that these wines should reflect the terroir on which they are grown, down to the smallest detail.

It is Riesling wine created from the grapes from Ungeheuer in Forst in the Palatinate. “This monster tastes extremely good to me”, exclaimed German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck when he tasted a glass of wine from the vineyard for the first time. In Danish, the word “Ungeheuer” translates to monster or enormous, which explains the chancellor’s complete play on words. And yes, Goethe was also enormously enchanted by the wines from this Cru field. The reason why Bassermann Jordan produces such fantastic Riesling wines is, among other things, the land they farm on. A mixture of sand, limestone and clay provides moisture, while protecting the area from strong winds, so the grapes ripen faster.

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