Warre’s Port – Otima Colheita 1992 50 cl.

Douro Valley Port

The Portuguese wine region Douro follows, as the name suggests, the Douro River that cuts through northern Portugal. It is characterized by perhaps the world’s steepest wine terraces, laid out several hundred years ago. Slate and granite characterize the soil, and between the vineyards stand picturesque orange trees, olives, pine and cork oak. The Douro region stands for some of the absolute best and most complex Portuguese table wines, but it is of course primarily for the port wines that the area is known for.
Warre’s was founded in 1670 as the first British port wine producer and since then, the company has been a pioneer and market leader in port wine. They were the first to establish their own wine cellars in Villa Nova de Gaia, as clear proof that the Warre family recognized the importance of aging for the quality of good port wine early on. Warre’s is today owned by the Symington family, who have been involved in the port trade continuously for 13 generations. The day-to-day management from Winemaker to chief executive is handled by the family, and no other family owns so many “Premium” vineyards in the Douro Valley. Warre’s is the only port wine house that can write “Royal Court Supplier” on the label.
The wine
The Colheita type is an aged Tawny from a specific year, and thus reflects a specific harvest, unlike e.g. 10 and 20 year port, which so to speak indicates the average age of the port wine. Colheita is thus Tawny’s counterpart to Ruby’s Vintage Port. The grapes for Otima Colheita come from Warre’s field plots at Quinta da Cavadinha in Pinhão, which is described as one of the best growing areas in the Douro Valley, as well as Quinta do Retiro in the Rio Torto Valley. The port wine is made from Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz, aged individually in casks before blending and bottling. Otima Colheita has a deep amber color with brownish shades. The scent brings to mind dates, orange peel and roasted oriental spices. On the palate it is powerful and creamy, with hints of figs, raisins and vanilla. The aftertaste is long, straight and refreshing. It can be enjoyed alone, with strong cheeses or with sweet desserts with chocolate. The port wine should be served slightly chilled, and after opening it will be able to keep for up to a month.

Vinification: The grapes are stored individually in oak barrels before blending and bottling.

Tasting notes: The aroma brings to mind dates, orange peel and roasted, oriental spices. On the palate it is powerful and creamy, with hints of figs, raisins and vanilla. The aftertaste is long, straight and refreshing.

Recommended for: Chocolate, Dessert, Cheese, Aperitif


2006 Oldenburg’s Wine Guide 17.5
2008 Your Wine Guide Point 91
1992 Your Wine Guide Point 91
1992 Wine Enthusiast Point 93
1992 Jyllands-Posten Point 95

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