Vallhalla Mjød Wild Berry 70 cl. 14,5%

Classic Danish Mead

Experience the enchanting berry journey of the woods and drink like the gods with this enchanting elixir.

Good at:
Aperitif, dessert, buffet


Valhalla Mead Wild Berry is an exquisite drink with a deep and enchanting red color. It captures the senses with a seductive aroma that brings to mind the berries of the forest, the delicate scent of flowers and the sweet seduction of the golden drops of honey.
Valhalla Mjød Wild Berry is best enjoyed ice cold, making it the ideal aperitif or a seductive companion to fruit and desserts. Mead, the elixir behind this enchanting drink, is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in history. The word “mead” comes from the Slavic language, and it means exactly “honey”. According to Viking tradition, mead was a drink for the gods themselves, giving the Valhalla Wild Berry an aura of mythology and a connection to the Viking adventures of the past

Serving temperature: 8-10°C


Valhalla Mjød Wild Berry combines the best of the forest, as it is mixed with juice from the forest’s berries. This results in a drink that offers a fantastic taste experience, where the freshness of the fruit is combined in perfect harmony with the deep sweetness and richness of the fermented honey.
Valhalla Mjød Wild Berry is made on the basis of the finest flower honey, to which sugar, water and wine yeast are added. This ferments at a carefully controlled temperature in open vats to preserve the freshness and aroma of the honey. The base is fermented to 10% vol. and a blend of honey and alcohol is added to complete the mead and emphasize the fine honey flavor.

About the manufacturer

Mead is believed to be the world’s oldest alcoholic drink and the drink is already mentioned in Norse mythology, as according to the legend “Suttung’s Mead”, Odin stole his first mead from the Giants. This mead is believed to have been brewed from honey and the blood of Kvasir the Wise and when you drank the mead you gained supernatural abilities.
Another legend tells of Mimer, who guards a well at one root of the tree Yggdrasil. From Yggdrasil’s leaves drip honey and every morning Mimer drinks from the well’s water, which gives him clairvoyance and wisdom. According to the legend, Odin had to close one of his eyes to be allowed to scoop from Mimer’s well.
When the Vikings died in battle, they came to Valhalla, where the Valkyries served them mead. Right on the roof of Valhalla stood the goat Heidrun, whose udder flowed with the coveted mead. Today we have no goat that can supply us with mead. Valhalla Mead, which is essentially a fermented mixture of honey and water, has been produced according to the same old recipe for generations and was originally produced by the company A. Duus & Co. Aalborg, which Taster Wine A/S took over in 1976. Taster Wine A/S continues to produce Valhalla Mjød according to the completely original handwritten recipe.
In ancient times, Michaelmas was the day when the farmer and his people gave thanks for the year’s rich gifts, for the good harvest and for the full storerooms.
They often partied the night before and on the day itself afterwards. The tin mugs were diligently filled with home brew and the atmosphere around the well-covered long table was characterized by joy and gratitude. It was the 28th and 29th of September. The day also marked the transition between summer and winter. Soon the fiddler tuned the violin for dancing and refreshments were served. The most sought-after was mother’s own mead, which she had brewed on the lake from the good heather and flower honey. Freshly baked cumin pretzels were enjoyed with the glorious drink, which really brought out the mead taste.

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