San Román Malvasia 2021 75 CL

Bodegas Mauro – Castilla y Léon

Huge white wine – Proof that Spanish white wine really should be taken seriously.

“Probably Toro’s first great age-worthy white wine. All the subtlety, delicacy and uniqueness of the Castilian malvasia.” – Alberto García Montaña, Winemaker.

Malvasia from Bodegas San Roman comes from 60-year-old vines, where the grapes are really allowed to develop concentrated must before they are picked. At the vineyard, they are sorted thoroughly and given a 12-hour “maceration pelliculaire”. This means a process where the grape skins lie together with the grape must, to give extra flavor notes to the wine. As no alcohol is yet present, neither color nor tannin is extracted from the grape skins.

The wine is then aged for 10 months in 500-litre oak casks, where the wine is stirred to stir up the yeast cells, so that they impart more flavor to the wine. In other words, many techniques have been used to create a top wine.

In the glass, the careful process expresses itself in a complex and seductive nose, where white flowers, citrus fruits, stone fruit and a flowing mineral sensation. It is wine that tastes good already, but also one of the rare white wines that can actually gain something with age.

About Bodegas Maurodos – San Román
Mariano Garcia proves with San Román in the Toro district that he can of course also make top wines outside of Ribera del Duero.

Say the name Mariano Garcia and there will be nods of appreciation throughout the Spanish wine world. This is not least due to his success as a winemaker in Ribera del Duero, where projects such as Aalto, Mauro and most recently Garmón have put a thick line under exactly what Garcia is so good at: Making big, muscular red wine with nerve, elegance, minerality and impressive taste. If we add his 30 years as the main force behind the cult wine Vega Sicilia in Ribera del Duero, it says it all: The man is Spain’s most skilled winemaker.

Behind Bodegas Maurodos – San Román

In 1997 he chose to challenge himself once more when he established Bodegas y Viñedos Maurodos at the San Román vineyard in the Toro district west of Ribera del Duero. The investment also involved the acquisition of 35 ha of vineyards around the towns of San Román de Hornija and Villaester. It has since grown to a total of 100 ha consisting of both older and younger vines, primarily tempranillo, with an average age of around 35 years. Some of the fields are located at an altitude of up to 750 meters – a harsh climate with baking sun and almost no rain, which forces the roots of the vines to search deep underground for water.

Since the start-up and development of the winery, Mariano Garcia has left most of the operation to his son Eduardo, who, among other things, trained in Bordeaux and Burgundy and now manages the state-of-the-art winery in Pedrosa del Rey.

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