Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial 70 CL 40%

Premium Aged Ron de Perú

This rum is the big brother of Ron Millonario 15, and is a blend of 15-20 year rums. Ron Millonario XO has won the award as the World’s Best Rum in both 2008 and 2009, so here we are dealing with a really delicious rum.

Ron Millonario is produced at a distillery in the northern part of Peru. Distillery Pomalca in the town of Chiclayo.

A scent of sweetness and tropical fruits hits the nose first, then a spicier note with tobacco and dried fruits takes over

The case is pleasantly sweet to begin with, but notes of caramel, date and fig. Then a note of cloves emerges on the tongue to become delicious and sweet again

The rum finishes with a pleasant sweetness of brown sugar, faint spices and oak cask

Anyone who tries will come back again, again, again and again!

In 2004, spirits expert Fabio Rossi was traveling in northern Peru. On his way through a small town called Chiclayo, he came across a small and totally unknown distillery. Here he quickly realized that he had stumbled upon one of Peru’s treasures, and the result was Ron Millonario – an absolutely formidable rum, made in a small local community.
The sugarcane used in the rum is harvested from fields near the distillery. The area where Chiclayo is located is hot and very humid, and thus has the perfect conditions for growing sugar cane. The pipes are harvested once a year by the locals, and the fermentation also takes place with local yeast.
The first distillation takes place in an old column boiler, which the locals call “Skotten” because it was brought over from Great Britain in its time. The rum is then distilled twice more, and now it is finally ready to be aged in oak casks, which have previously been used for bourbon and wine.
In addition to employing the village with sugarcane cultivation and distillery work, Ron Millonario also helps to employ the village’s women – the bast wrapper that the Reserva Especial release comes in is woven by hand by the local women.

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