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Italian Lemon Liqueur

Pallini Spritz is a fresh and bubbly summer cocktail consisting of Prosecco, Pallini limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) and sparkling water. The mixture of the slightly sour and sweet with bubbles makes it a perfect choice before, during or after dinner, e.g. between servings to refresh the taste palette before the next course. It is also perfect for simply enjoying in the sun on the terrace – and it is super easy to make. The limoncello is the dominant flavor in the drink – so use a good one! We recommend Pallini Limoncello…

The package consists of:

1 fl. Pallini Limoncello (20cl)
1 fl. Sparkling Wine (20cl)

No spritz without bubbles! Prosecco is the classic choice, but we won’t gossip if you use cremant or cava. Just remember that it should preferably be on the dry side, as the limoncello is quite sweet.
3..2..1.. We have cracked the code for the absolutely perfect Pallini Spritz: 3 parts Pallini Limoncello to 2 parts bubbles and 1 part fizz – THIS IS HOW!

Recipe – How to make a Pallini Spritz

6cl Pallini Limoncello
4 cl of sparkling wine, e.g. Prosecco
2 cl sparkling water

Glass: Wine glass.
Garnish: A twist of lemon peel or a slice of sun-ripened lemon.

How to do it: Pour all ingredients into a medium-sized wine glass filled with ice and stir gently. Garnish the drink with a slice of lemon or a twist of lemon peel.
Get the full guide to the Pallini Spritz and read much more about the perfect limoncello right here!

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