Mosgaard Gin – Giftpack Gin Selection (ECO) 3×20 CL 39,3%

Handcrafted Gin – Distilled In Denmark

Mosgaard Sweet Rhubarb: Fine and fresh notes of rhubarb, ensuring a pleasant acid in a gin, which is a pleasure for both eyes and tongue. Enjoyed best clean and chilled or in the company of a good, slim tonic.

Mosgaard Tangerine Gin: Sweet gin with taste from the fresh mandarins and almonds concluded in production. They provide a delicious, very aromatic expression and the sweetness being balanced with a little lime. Other tasters are juniper, anise, carnations and coriander seeds. Expensive as part of a cocktail, possibly. Along with little rosemary, pieces of apple, rhubarb or raspberry – or of course with a good tonic.

Mosgaard Dry Gin: Fresh gin with a light sweetness and a long, comfortable aftertaste with citrus notes. Produced with juniper, licorice root, anise seed, almonds, carnations, black pepper, coriander seed, lemongrass and fresh shell from lemon, lime and orange. Are you for Gin & Tonic? Then Mosgaard Dry Gin is obvious, but in fact it can also be enjoyed just over ice with a little freshly squeezed glue juice. If you want to do a little extra it, use a little fresh mint leaves, basil, lemorren’s or lime. Winner of IWSC Silver 2017.

The Mosgaard distillery is beautiful and idyllic in an old, closed farm, right in the middle of the fields and apple plants and with stunning views of the Langeland Land. It is one of the most closest corners in South Funen, an area for years has been home to a large number of food producers who produce everything the heart can desire high quality in the middle of Denmark’s green heart. Here, in 2015, Jes and Gittaard founded in 2015 Mosgaard at Oure, and today they may make Denmark’s best gin, fully based on organic ingredients. What the distiller lacks in size, the products make in taste, and production is based on the solid, honest craft with inspiration picked up in Scotland. The distillery itself is designed by Jes and Gitte itself and handmade in Portugal, where the old craft takes place in the same way as it has done for generations. Just the time is essential at Mosgaard. The production takes place with ecologically Danish barvalmal, which is mashed with good time, and the fermentation process is at Mosgaard twice as long as it is with many other distilleries. It’s there a reason for. For just the time and calm, ensure that the yeast gets work trays and converts the natural sugars from malt to alcohol without leaving unwanted flavors. It can be tasted in the finished product.

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