Valhalla By Koskenkorva

Herb Vodka Liqueur-Shot

This Nordic liquor is based on the region’s herbs and spices. The dramatic temperature and light variations create a unique environment for the growth of the plants – when the seasons change, the plants have to adapt to survive.

For centuries, these conditions have also shaped the Nordic people and the Nordic culture. It is the inspiration behind Valhalla – a mix of local herbs and spices with the spirit of the Nordic legends.

Valhalla can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature, both as shot or as mixes in Long Drinks.

Valhalla finds his inspiration in Old Nortic Mythology. Here, Valhalla is the place where fallen kings and heroes live to eternal time. Valhalla is guarded by young, beautiful women on winged horses; And it is only the bravest men who are allowed to come in. Every morning, Valhallas men go in battle, and every night they take home and drink, parties and share stories about bravery. The legends about Valhalla symbolize the spirit present at the Nordic men: a strong and brave character. Valhalla is The Spirit of Nordic Legends.

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