Mac Y’s Julekalender Gin 2023 24×2 cl. 43,05%

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The GIN calendar you are reading about here contains 24 gins from different countries – Scotland, England, Spain, Norway, Denmark, France & Latvia!

The Gin calendar is intended to be a two-year calendar. However, some products have been discontinued since 2022, and thus there are three products that have been replaced. You can see the products in question in the list below – the products in parentheses are those that have been discontinued. There are a lot of calendars left from last year, so there will be some calendars containing the bottles in brackets, although most will contain the new ones.

Regardless of the content, the box’s QR code points to the correct online calendar.

The calendar itself tells the story of the three brothers Mac Calendar. One of them, Tom moved to London, where he built a gin empire with great tenacity. Now he’s opening his Vault of Gins to us, and it’s going to be crazy to enjoy a daily little Gin Cocktail in his gin bar in the dark month of December.

Under the lid of the calendar, Tom shows how he produces gin. In the online calendar you will find even more information from Tom about the production of gin.

As I said – 24 Gins from 14 different producers:

Hayman’s – Warner’s – Berry’s – Akori – Cotswolds – Cross Key – Cubical – Fever Island – Generous – Makar – Singular – Tranquebar – William Kerr’s – (Bareksten)

At the bottom of the calendar you will find an alphabetical table of contents and the link to an online calendar where the doors are opened daily, one at a time. There you can read about and see the product in the bottle.


Empty Mac Calendar

Contents in alphabetical order:
Akori Gin Cherry Blossom
Arbikie AK’s Gin Highland Estate
Arbikie Kirsty’s Gin Highland Estate
Cotswolds Christmas Gin
Cross Keys Gin (Bareksten Botanical Gin)
Cubical Mango Gin
Cubical Ultra Premium Gin
Generous Azur Gin
Generous Gin
Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin
Hayman’s Gently Rested Gin
Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
Hayman’s Peach & Rose Cup (Bareksten Botanical Gin)
Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin Navy Strength
Hayman’s Sloe Gin
Makar Glasgow Gin
Tranquebar 400th Anniversary Gin
Tranquebar Christmas Spiced Gin
Warner’s Honeybee Gin
Warner’s Apple and Pear Gin (Bareksten Navy Strength Gin)
Warner’s Elderflower Gin
Warner’s Lemon Balm Gin
Warner’s London Dry Gin
William Kerr’s Borders Gin

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