Hell or High Water Reserva 70 CL 40%

Barbados/Trinidad/Jamaica/Guyana Premium Blended Rum

The exceptionally well-balanced and smooth Come Hell or High Water Reserva (40% abv) is a proprietary blend of super premium rums from Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. The blend includes hand-selected pot and column rums aged up to 8 years in American oak casks formerly used for bourbon.

TASTING NOTES: The color is golden with iridescent copper nuances. The original aroma is reminiscent of an aging cellar with notes of charred oak, toasted nuts and fresh sugar cane. Once on the palate, Come Hell or High Water Reserva delivers on the aromatic promise, with layers of sweet wood intertwined with brown sugar and butterscotch, all harmoniously balanced. The finish is long and smooth, simply perfect.

Hell or High Water Reserva is a blend of molasses rums from 4 Caribbean regions. It is a new brand from the independent company One Eyed Spirits, which has been in the rum business for 10 years.

Distilled in pot stills and column stills, the rum is selected in Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Jamaica. They are aged for up to 8 years in American oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon. These rums are carefully blended and bottled in the Netherlands.

Hell or High Water is a rum series with carefully composed blends of rums from Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The expression “come hell or high water” means that you will do everything to achieve your goal, regardless of the obstacles you encounter. It is clear then that every business experiences its ups and downs, but the two boys, Olli and Jouko, have probably had a disproportionate number of the latter. They mention, among other things, a fire in the production plant, an earthquake, being close to bankruptcy a dozen times and one near-death experience (what??)…

Hell or High Water represents this long journey through all kinds of challenges – and as they say: “A rough journey makes a smooth rum”.

Old Ron de Jeremy Reserva

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