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Premium Canadian Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is undoubtedly unique! The beautiful and very distinctive bottle separates outcrystal head vodka from everything else on the market. Downlight head The bottle is beautifully done and the vodka is soft, mild and delicious

Crystal Head bottle:
The Crystal Head bottle is inspired by 13 identical skull heads made in white or transparent quartz of the Aztecs more than 700 years ago. These skies were actually a symbol of life, power and enlightenment. From here, the actor Dan Akroyd got the inspiration to create Crystal Head.

The artist John Alexander has designed the bottle, which is manufactured by the well-known Bruni Glasswork in Milan. They use a special quality glass that makes the bottle something special.

When lifting the heavy bottle, you can really sense the quality of the slash handery. But the bottle forminng gives a fantastic good grip on the bottle and makes it easy to pour. Aesthetics that work! And a vodka that decorations in any home bar.

Crystal Head Vodkaen:
It was important for Dan Akroyd that the vodka should live up to the bottle design. Therefore, he used more than two years to develop the recipe for Crystal Head – and the result is fantastic. It is smooth, clean and mild.

It is made on a mix of different cereals, sweet corn grown in Ontario, and the finest peaches from the United States. This is distilled 4 times after which pure spring water from Newfoundland is added. This spring water runs through the raw mountains, and thereby exposed to a natural filtration.

Finally, the finished vodka is filtered 7 times. The last three filtration goes through diamond dust! Herkimer diamonds are crushed and used to clean the vodka one last time – it’s really genuine luxury and exclusivity!

We also have the delicious Crystal Head Auroro Vodka, the exclusive John Alexander Edition and the brand new Pride Rainbow Vodka in stock for you.

Crystal Head Vodka Taste Notes:
In the nose very mild and round. You almost don’t feel the alcohol, but gets instead an easy vanilla like sweetness. On the tongue it is very clear and light in his expression. On the tongue reveals the delicious citrus notes that are complimented by a mild and lightly seasoned fullness from the grain varieties. The corn and peach gives a fine sweetness that does not overstretch the vodka. The aftermake is quite long, but rather neutral. Lightly seasoned, but still the citrus in the end. Very lightweight, smooth and comfortable vodka.

We recommend Crystal Head along with a light dry tonic, pomegranate or cranberry. It makes great in most drinks, and is very versatil. In addition, it is very well suited as a sippodka. Cool it easily down and enjoy it clean.

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