Schola Sarmenti – Collezione 24 Negroamaro Brut Rosè 75 CL

Brut Rosé Negramaro Sparkling Wine – Puglia – Italy

NEGROAMARO ROSÈ SALENTO IGT – Brut Rosè · Quality sparkling wine

A challenge in the preparation of this Negroamaro 100%, obtained from old vines but harvested early. Partial racking of the grapes and very short time in contact with the skins, only a few hours of maceration to give the must the right aromatic essence. Fine and harmonious perlage, the appearance is fascinating with its soft copper pink, another expression of the generous and noble Negroamaro grape.

Production area Nardò · Lecce
Climate Typical Mediterranean, hot and dry
Ground level with degradation towards the sea. Silicic-limestone of Pleistocene type, compact and dry, with excellent fertility.
Height 30 meters above sea level.
Variety Negroamaro 100%
Training Alberello Pugliese
Yield per hectare 7,000 kg of grapes, approx. 45% in wine Age of the vines approx. 50 years
Harvested in mid-August, grapes picked by hand and placed in airy boxes
Aging At controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks
Circulation February 2019
Disgorging March 2021
Second fermentation Bottled on the lees for 24 months. Dosage for ingestion 0 grams/liter of sugar
Alcohol 12.5%
Total acid content 7.22 grams/liter Volatile acid content 0.36 grams/liter Ph 3.15
Serve at 8° · 10° C

Schola Sarmenti Art Collection is born, a combination of art and oenology. A line by Vincenzo D’Alba, Leccese designer of the Kiasmo collective.
Collection24 Brut Rosè, a classic harvest method 2016, from pure Negroamaro grapes, harvested early from old vineyards to trees. A slow waiting time, twenty-four months on the lees, three months of remuering, where each bottle is caressed, in a slow ritual to give a fine and harmonious perlage.

Schola Sarmenti was founded in 1999 by the Marra and Calabrese families with the intention of using and protecting exclusively native vines, has in a short time established itself as an important wine production company, by becoming an internationally recognized brand that makes the world known about the quality of the wine crops in Salento area. Twenty years of constant growth has made the need to develop a corporate identity, capable of improving and interpreting the value that the winery now preserves and develops every day, matured.

Schola Sarmenti is one of the vineyards in the very warm and sunny Puglia in southernmost Italy, which knows how to vinify the wines, so they are fresh and with a nice fruity taste. Founded in 1999. Produces great wine with the character of the terroir of the Salento area. Some of the vineyards are very close to the sea. Vines there are up to 80 years old. Schola Sarmenti aims to preserve and use the old Alberello Pugliese system of worship with a free-standing cane, which supports itself as a shrub or small tree. This form is often used in very warm regions, as the plant contributes with its own shade. Gives low yield and high quality from each vine.

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