Compass Box – The Circle Limited Ed. 70 cl. 46%

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

The Circle is a Scottish blended malt whiskey from the independent bottler and blender, Compass Box. The whiskey is devised by the bartender Rosey Mitchell, and expresses beautifully her idea of ​​”sunshine in a glass”. The mixture includes whiskey stored both on bourbon dishes and sherry fade, from distilleries such as Tamdhu and Clynelish. It is tapped at 46% alcohol, without added color or cooling filtration.

Color: Golden.
Fragrance: Charming scent of apples, vanilla, malt and honey.
Taste notes: The taste is fresh and summery, with notes of light fruit, heather honey, pear and a discreet, almost imperceptible touch of smoke in the aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean.

Compass Box is one of the most innovative blenders and independent bottlers in Scottish whiskey. The company was founded by the American John Glaser in 2000, and at the beginning he drove the company from his own kitchen. Today, Compass Box headquartered in London and more than a dozen employees.

The Password for Compass Box is transparency – something that is not right as is everyday cooking in the modern whiskey industry. On their website ( you have the opportunity to access the recipes in virtually all their blends. And there is more you want to know, you can usually get answers to mail.

It is this ETOS that guides John Glaser when he as “whiskey maker” rocks at the perception of how a blended whiskey is to be made and taste, and it has meant that Compass Box has often been on edge with the easier conservative Scotch Whiservy Association. The most famous case was the first edition of the whiskey The Spice Tree, which was stored in “illegal” dishes with inmate spells of French oak. The recipe for The Spice Tree had Compass Box change, but they have not subjected to the idea that you have to do as you always have done, and continue experimenting and renewing where they can.

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