Alfonso Oloroso Seco – González Byass 75 CL 20%

Jerez – Sherry – Spain

With 8-10 years of aging before release and added punch and precision, one can once again wonder why good quality sherry does not cost more than it does.

The Palomino Fino grapes are sourced exclusively from their own fields and both vinification and the important storage takes place in Gonzalez Byass’ endless buildings in Jeréz.

Instead, we will present the wine and the type of wine. Oloroso seco is a fortified, dry and highly aromatic type of sherry; in fact, oloroso means ‘fragrant’ while seco (dry) distinguishes it from varieties with residual sweetness. Oloroso has never had a dense flor layer to protect it from the oxygen content of the air, and therefore a slow oxidation takes place, which is also a characteristic of the type. The long oxidative aging gives a nut-scented wine with great intensity. Due to the low acidity, you can sometimes get the impression of sweetness in the wine, despite the fact that it is dry.

The color is light mahogany with shiny reflections and intense aromas of hazelnuts, walnuts, caramelized almonds, sun-ripened lemon, orange peel, dried figs, iodine, toasted oak, salt and vanilla flow out of the glass with great power and fullness. The aftertaste is almost endless.

It is not uncomplicated to serve oloroso seco with food, but when it is successful, the match can be brilliant. Try, among other things, manchego, well-aged, air-dried ham, oloroso-steamed mussels, venison pâté, confit, onion soup or a beef consommé or a clear soup with meat and flour dumplings.

Enjoy this wine served a few degrees below room temperature (try for yourself and find your sweet spot!) from a slim white wine glass.

90 points Wine Enthusiast
92 points Guía Proenza
90 points Guía Peñin

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