Whitley Neill Gooseberry Handcrafted Gin

Premium English Flavoured Gin

Whitley Neills Gooseberry Gin is a delicious homage for a dear memory for Johnny Neill. After moving down to Devon at an early age, Johnny would choose the local gooseberries, and his mother would create a goosebing, which the family could enjoy.

Whitley Neills Gooseberry Gin is the perfect start to our Limited Edition assortment by exploring the family of one of the main plants in Whitley Neill Original: The Cape Gooseberry.

Whitley Neill Gin is made of a 100% grainspirit that is completed with botany before it is distilled in a beautiful antique copper pot, still called ‘Constance’, which is over 100 years old.

Only the purest water is used and each of the nine botanist is carefully selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Whitley Neills Tagline “Crafted from the Life of Life” goes a long way in describing what these botany can be.

By gathering a mix of innovative botanists such as gooseberry and baobab fruit to its range, it also has other more traditional botanical items such as juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel, Angelica root, Cassia Bark and Orris Rod.

The Creator Johnny Neill says it reflects his fresh views from the 21st century, while also refers to the Ginna’s heritage and the London-based gin distillation experience that is in use at the distillery.

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