SMÅ SURE Lemon Sorbet 100 CL 16,4%

Danish Sweet & Sour Spirit Drink

The best taste of the summer comes here with the new Små Sure Lemon Sorbet – a swirling explosion of tart, fresh lemons. It has a seductively fresh and sour taste of lemon and a touch of sweetness, which you know from sorbet ice cream.
Små Sour Lemon Sorbet can be enjoyed as a particularly tasty shot or mixed into drinks and cocktails.
100 cl. / 16.4%


Små Shots is your ultimate party partner – always ready for fun and trouble, in a sea of festive colors and flavours. Små Shots are based on pure vodka. Both recipe and flavor are developed in our own laboratory and produced at Spritfabrikken Danmark, located in Kolding. Owner Hans Ulrik Winther Andersen is the driving force in the company – especially when it comes to product development.
The very first shot hit the market in 2005 – and it started with the small licorice shots: Small Blue, Small Yellow and Small Grey. Back then – as now – it was about making a ‘little sharp’ that could be enjoyed together. The taste was targeted to heighten the licorice taste. It must taste good!
The idea for the first Små Sure came to life in 2013, after Hans Ulrik Winther Andersen spotted a trend with the sour taste. That gave him the idea that it should also be possible to make it as a shot. And it really could – Små Sure Sour Apple saw the light of day in 2014 and many more delicious varieties have been added since then.

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