Ron Zacapa Centenario XO 70 cl. 40%

Solera Gran Reserva Especial – Guatemala Premium Aged Rum

The fantastic special release from Zacapa. This Guatemalan classic won gold at the International Rum Festival and won the Platinum award in the Super-Premium category in 2002. This is an incredible extra aged rum that wins awards wherever it goes.

Nose: Calfskin, brown sugar, molasses, bourbon, hints of cedar, pipe tobacco, fruit, chocolate and brandy butter.

Taste: Absolutely fantastic intensity with waves of soft brown sugar, toffee, spicy oak, cedar and pipe tobacco.

Finish: Long, warming finish in sweet, soft spices.

About Ron Zacapa
Unlike many other producers who use molasses, Zacapa uses the juice from the first pressing of sugar cane. This makes the rum more round and soft and helps ensure Zacapa’s characteristic taste profile. However, you can also thank the area in southern Guatemala itself for that. The fertile soil is rich in volcanic minerals and rivers that nourish all life. Both parts help to ensure the rum’s depth and aroma. After distillation, the rum is sent on a bit of a journey from the lowlands to the “House above the clouds” at an altitude of 2300 meters, where the cooler temperatures and high humidity benefit the rum. The fresh mountain air matures the rum and contributes to its deep aroma, its fullness and complex flavor notes.

This is also where it ages in oak barrels and goes through the solera process. What is solera? Actually a blend, so the finished rum includes rum from several cask types and styles – carefully selected by Master Blender Lorena Vásquez. Some casks are made of white, American oak and have contained American whiskey, while others are made of European oak, which previously contained cognac, sherry or wines at Pedro Ximenez. All casks are roasted to varying degrees – something that greatly affects the finished rum. All this allows Lorena Vásquez to put together high-quality rums with great complexity.

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