Malteco 15 Years Reserva Maya 70 CL 40%

Premium Panama Aged Rum

The manufacturer
Although Malteco Ron is a Guatemala-Stilet Rome, it is really a Panamanese Rome produced by Varela Hermanos Bodegas de America SA. The recipe is made in Guatemala, where Malteco Ron originally produced. The recipe is from Guatemala, and the row continuously becomes quality controlled by “Asociacion Maestros Roneros de Guatemala”.

Varela Hermanos is located in the town of Pesé in the southern part of central Panama. In 1908, the then owner established Don José Varela Blanco, the first sugar factory. Later, in 1936, opened the Rome Fabricity, which has since produced high quality Rome.

Varela Hermanos is the largest supplier of Rome to the domestic market in Panama, and delivers more than 90% of Al Rome to the locals. The room is distilled on column boilers and is therefore in the elegant, light style, which is also characterized for Rome from Guatemala. The room is stored on 220 liters used Bourbon dish of white, American oak. The barrels give the room an appropriate contact with the dish, where smaller barrels would give too much contact and larger barrels too little.

The rumble
Malteco Ron Anejo 15 Años – Reserva Maya 41.5% is a 15 year old Rome. The room is in a light spicy, elegant style, and it has a nice balance and sweetness as well as hints of spices. Malteco 15 years is distilled on fermented sugar cane juice and is thus not made on molasses that Rom is often produced. This means that Malteco 15 years of basic product does not have the typical notes of spicy Anis and Brown Farin, but is more easy in the style and more affected by fadiation. In the nose, the room has light notes of brown sugar and cinnamon, on the tongue has the light and elegant fruity notes as well as a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. Malteco 15 years has a nice long finish with dried fruit notes.

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