Lustau Vermut – Rojo (Red) 75 CL 15%

Spanish Vermut – Luis Caballero

A perfect blend of two wines, each aged in the traditional, authentic Jerez “Solera y Criaderas”: An Amontillado, dry and nutty with character. A Pedro Ximénez, sweet, intense and velvety.

Mahogany in color with reddish shades. Sweet aromas of ripe fruit mingle with hints of citrus and herbal notes over a smoky wood base. On the palate it is tasty, velvety and balanced. A bitter finish with a delicate and distinctly nutty aftertaste.

Serve between 7 – 9 ° C on the rocks and garnish with an orange peel. The perfect aperitif if accompanied by olives, nuts or snacks.

ISW Gold 2019
92 Wine enthusiast

Lustau Vermut Red has been created with a base of beautiful, sweet Pedro Ximenez sherry and a drier and nuttier Amontillado sherry. You get a beautiful and enticing aroma of orange, citrus, coriander seeds and roses, followed by cinnamon and ripe red fruit. Soft and in nice, nice balance. Bittersweet with a bit of toasted oak. Also natural in cocktails. Eg. a Negroni.

Wine Enthusiast
World Wine & Spirits Competition New York, 2021

About Luis Caballero
Luis Caballero SA is behind the eminent sherry house Lustau and the quality tequila La Malinche – if you are curious about tequila, then it is a must. There are many other good houses that make sherry, and there are both bigger and more selling sherry houses. But – as the competitors also say – it is Lustau’s quality in sherry that everyone seeks to make! The company, which was founded in 1896, was acquired in 1990 by the wine company Luis Caballero SA, which brought both a large bag of money and optimally located fields for the production of top sherry. The house’s biggest investment is undoubtedly the purchase of Bodega Los Arcos in 2002. Los Arcos actually consists of six small separate bodegas, so that you can store the individual product types, not only separately, but also in reasonable quantities. It is important to store the individual products separately, as it e.g. are bacteria in the air that give each sherry its individual style.

The grapes are de-stemmed and pressed, after which the acidity is adjusted with tartaric acid. The must is fermented in large steel tanks and adjusted up with grape spirit to mulled wine strength (15-15.5%). The wine is placed in large barrels, which are not filled completely, whereby it is constantly in contact with air. Normally the wine would be converted to acetic acid, but under these special conditions a protective film of foam, called flor, forms. After this treatment, the sherry is often included as part of a solera system: 1/6 of a 6-year-old wine is taken and mixed into a 1-year-old wine. Then the corresponding 1/6 of a 5-year-old wine goes in and supplements the 6-year-old cask and so on with a 4-year-old, 3-year-old and 2-year-old. This causes the young wines to take on the character of an old wine more quickly.

Lustau paves the way
In recent years, Lustau has won many awards for its quality, not least the title of “Best Spanish Bodega”. Many of the prizes have gone to Lustau’s own wines, but some have also gone to the house’s famous almacenista sherries.
Small, individual winegrowers sell their, often very nuanced, wine to Lustau. Where all other sherry houses blend the almacenistas’ wine in-house, Lustau is the only house that allows the almacenista wines to be bottled separately. Regardless of which Lustau sherry you choose as your first acquaintance, there is no doubt for a moment why Lustau is the leading star of the area and a “trend setter” in the rest of the world.

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