Lustau Sherry – San Emilio Pedro Ximénez(PX) Very Sweet 75 cl. 17%

Fine Solera Sherry Wine – Jerez

Almost black. Welcoming aroma of sweet raisins and prunes. The taste is greasy, creamy, super-concentrated and very sweet.

There are many other good sherry houses, and there are both larger and more sold sherry houses. But – as the competitors also say – it is Lustau’s quality that everyone is trying to make! The company, founded in 1896, was acquired in 1990 by the wine company Luis Caballero SA, which supplied both a large bag of money and optimally located fields for the production of top sherry. The house’s biggest investment is without a doubt the purchase of Bodega Los Arcos in 2002. Los Arcos actually consists of six small separate bodegas, so you can store the individual product types, not only separately, but also in reasonable quantities. It is important to store the individual products separately, as it i.a. are bacteria in the air that give each sherry its individual style. The grapes are chased and pressed, after which the acid content is adjusted with tartaric acid. The must is fermented in large steel tanks and upgraded with grape spirit to liqueur strength (15-15.5%). The wine is placed in large barrels that are not completely filled, whereby it is constantly in contact with air. Usually the wine is converted to acetic acid, but under these special conditions a protective film of foam, called flor, is formed. After this treatment, the sherry is often part of a solar system: you take 1/6 of a 6-year-old wine and mix it into a 1-year-old wine. Then 1/6 of a 5-year-old wine equals and supplements the 6-year-old barrel and then still with a 4-year-old, 3-year-old and 2-year-old. This makes the young wines become the character of an old wine faster. In recent years, Lustau has won many awards for its quality, not least the title of “Best Spanish Bodega”. Many of the prizes have gone to Lustau’s own wines, but some have also gone to well-known almacenista sherrys. Small, individual winemakers sell their, often very nuanced, wine to Lustau. Where all other sherry houses mix wine from the almacenista in the house’s own, Lustau is the only house that makes it possible to bottle the almacenista wines separately. Whichever Lustau sherry you choose as your first acquaintance, you will not for a moment doubt why Lustau is the area’s guiding star and “trendsetter” in the rest of the world!

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