Leitz Rüdesheimer Drachenstein – Riesling Auslese 50 CL

Weingut Leitz – Germany

On the nose, this selection presents itself very typical of the location, with an enormous abundance of fruit and lush exoticism. Aromas of papaya, mango and passion fruit dominate the nose; ripe figs and orange blossoms are also recognizable. In terms of taste, the lush tropical fruit is combined with very dominant notes of citrus and orange peel. The Drachenstein selection from this fantastic vintage is very juicy and clear at the same time; We also like it with slightly herbal nuances and very subtle smoky notes at the start. We are happy with the idea that this wine will only develop fully in 10, 15 years.

Johannes Leitz took over the family winery from his father in 1999, having been in charge of the winemaking since 1985. Under Johannes’ ownership, Leitz has only gone one way – up! The quality has increased from good to world class and they have managed to expand the fields with some of the best parcels around the town of Rüdesheim.

The hillside west of and immediately around Rüdesheim is one of the most magical terroirs in the entire world for the production of wines from the Riesling grape – and thus one of the most magical terroirs in the entire world for the production of white wine!

This is where we find, among others, the parcels Berg Schloßberg, Berg Rottland, Berg Roseneck and Berg Kaisersteinfels, all four of which enjoy the highest possible classification and recognition in Germany’s hierarchy.

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tropical fruit


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