Kopke Port – 20 Years Old Tawny 75 cl. 20%

Douro Valley Port

Kopke’s legendary Tawnies with age indication are, together with the house’s Colheitas, cask-aged port wines made from selected grapes from the Douro Superior and partly from the house’s own Quinta São Luíz, which belongs to the Douro’s most modern production quintas. It is located in Tabuaҫo near Pinhão and, in addition to production facilities, contains a guest building, its own church (!) And its own vineyards.

Kopke 20 Years Old is made from selected Tawnies from a number of different vintages, some of which are younger and some are significantly older than the 20 years, but with an age profile in the mix that the Port Wine Institute has at a tasting approved as typical of the type. Thus, the actual average age of the wine does not necessarily have to be 20 years, but it does have to have an aromatic profile as such. While one would think that this invites cheating and lowest common denominator, the Port Wine Institute is known and infamous for its high demands. Moreover, it is precisely the aging that gives these wines their special character, so that the system works in practice perfectly.

It is the task of the experienced basement master to maintain the same expression and style year after year. Each house has its own style, and Kopke is famous for elegant, complex and ethereal Tawnies with an age indication showing a very high average age.

Kopkes 20 Years Old is light mahogany-colored with a clear age mark with an aroma of ripe fruit with powdered sugar, dried notes of figs and hazelnuts and balancing acid in both nose and mouth. The taste is harmonious and powerful with firmness and with ripe fruit and long, complex and slightly sweet farewell, which is completed by the free acid with great length.

Suitable for hard cheeses or pies, nut-based desserts or dried fruits, figs, apricots – or simply as a meditation drink before a meal.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 92 points
Wine Enthusiast Magazine 92 points
Wine Spectator 94 points
Decanter 90-94 points + ‘Highly Recommended’

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