GINJA – Carinus Est. Original 50 CL 12%

Traditional Cherry Liqueur From Portugal

In the Douro wine region, one of the most delicate natural relics that can be found in the region was discovered: sour cherries, commonly called Ginja. Ginja is harvested at an altitude of around 800 meters on the large mountainous plains that surround the region. These cherries have a slightly bitter note, compared to the regular cherries, and therefore provide the opportunity to create a perfect balance in this cherry liqueur.

The height where cherry trees are planted exposes the tree to lower temperatures in the winter, and to a great deal of sunlight in the hottest times of the summer, which gives the tree the opportunity to create the delicate fruit.

When the fruit is ripe, it is harvested manually. Each cherry is picked with the utmost love, pride and dedication that the region always shows in its products.

The berries are cleaned, the stem is removed and then the process of maceration and creation of the alcoholic product begins. To do this, the fruit is stored in maceration tanks and alcohol is added where the fruit rests for a period of time. Local spices and sugar syrup are then added according to an old recipe.
Finally, Ginja rests for 2 years to develop the characteristics of the fruit, as well as floral and natural notes.
The finished drink tastes fantastic – it’s sweet but still with lots of bite and a super good balance. It is the perfect companion to rice a la manden and other good desserts and sweets – or just as an aperitif.

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