Frederiksdal Vin af Kirsebær Reserve (Cherry Wine) 50 cl. 14,5%

Danish Quality Cherry Wine

The wine is a combination of several vintages, and is matured in small 225 liter French oak barrels for up to 30 months.

The wine’s prolonged contact with the wood of the barrels gives it subtle coffee and chocolate notes.

You can store our reserve wine in the cellar for many years.

Once the bottle is opened, the wine can easily last for several months if it is kept cool.

Frederiksdal Reserve is made up of two different vintages. 70% consists of the fine vintage 2009 from Skovmark – and 30% of Frederiksdal’s best wine from Nielstrupmark in 2011. The wine is aged in small 225 liter French wooden barrels for up to 30 months.

The long barrel aging has added nice notes of coffee and chocolate. In addition, the Reserve is enhanced with Frederiksdal’s own cherry distillate, which adds discreet aromas of wild cherries and wild raspberries to the wine.

For cheeses, pâtés, game, braised beef, or powerful desserts with dark chocolate. Should be poured into a decanter. Vinification: The stevens berries have been wild-fermented for 2-4 days to add a more complex taste. The berries are then pressed and further fermented in steel tanks.

The world’s best cherry wine. That was the goal when, in 2006, Frederiksdal began experimenting with the black berries from the estate’s cherry plantations and reinterpreting the cherry wine. Frederiksdal Chersebærvin is produced from the unique Danish Stevnsbær, which is called the “Nordic grape” by fruit researchers. Stevnsbæret is world famous, but everyone agrees that the taste is best along the coasts of Southern Denmark. And Frederiksdal is located precisely on the westernmost tip of Lolland, right next to the Langelandsbelt – one of the quietest areas in Denmark. In addition, they have lots of sun, which is also reflected in the sea – all in all, a perfect climate for cherries. The reception of Frederiksdal’s updated cherry wine and other products has been overwhelmingly positive among wine reviewers and gastronomes. And they are not only sold in Denmark, but are also exported to a number of countries in Europe and Asia.

The people behind Frederiksdal: Harald Krabbe is a landowner in Frederiksdal and agricultural economist. Subsequently, he went to Africa, where he learned how valuable a healthy flora in the soil is. Jan Friis-Mikkelsen is a restaurateur at Tinggården near Helsinge. Jan has published several cookbooks, was a co-host in the TV kitchen with Claus Meyer and a judge in Den Store Bagedyst on DR1. Morten Brink Iwersen is a journalist and works at DR Nyheder. He is a wine book author and has reviewed wine, restaurants and cafes in 24hour, Nyhedsavisen and Politiken respectively.

In 2010, Frederiksdal Estate received the FRUGTABELLER OF THE YEAR award from the Horticultural Advisory Service. In 2012, Frederiksdal Cherry Wine received the HONORARY DIPLOMA from the DANISH GASTRONOMIC ACADEMY for “the excellent initiative: to give the distinguished sour cherry a new life and to recreate the concept of cherry wine” as “being world class”. In 2013, Frederiksdal Chersebærvin received the WINE OF THE YEAR prize at the DANISH INTERNATIONAL FOOD CONTEST.

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