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Premium Blended Rum

Bumbu Rum is distilled according to old traditions in Barbados. The distillery was thus founded in 1893 and has been producing rum for more than 120 years.

As a coral island, Barbados has some of the cleanest water in the world and Bumbu benefits from that. Therefore, no artificial additives are used in this rum either, but only naturally occurring botanicals from Barbados. A yeast strain is used which is secret, but it is known that it has been used for rum production since 1840.
Distillation takes place on two ancient column stills and the rum is then stored for up to 15 years in the finest used bourbon oak casks.

The rum itself is very complex and has a flattering smell and taste of fruit and a wonderful scent of tropical fruits.
This is because sugarcane from 8 different countries, each with their own characteristics, has been used:
Barbados: Sweet and velvety with vanilla and banana
Belize: Medium bodied with notes of coffee and cocoa
Brasillien: Light and fruity with notes of tropical fruits
Costa Rica: Very rich with coriander and ginger
Dominican Republic: very rich and sweet with toffee and vanilla
El Salvador: Light and dry with floral aromas
Guyana: Bold and heavy with umami, chocolate and caramel
Honduras: Medium bodied with notes of orange and cinnamon

Bumbu has won a sea of awards – most recently triple gold at the Los Angeles International Spiritist competition 2017.

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