Box – Early Days 002 50 cl. 51,5%

Swedish Single Malt Whisky

Box Early Days 002 is a single malt whiskey from the North Swedish distillery, high coast. This release is composed of 1/3 flavored whiskey and 2/3 smoked whiskey, all stored at 130-liter dishes, who have previously contained bourbon. The whiskey is tapped with an average age of 4.54, at 51.5% alcohol without neither added dye or cooling filtration.

Color: Golden.
Fragrance: Delicious scent of lemons, leather, smoke and caramelfudge.
Taste notes: mint, light smoke, vanilla and citrus.

Serving suggestions: Enjoyed clean, possibly. with a drop of water or two. Let the whiskey stand for a moment in the glass to open.

High Coast Distillery is located in an old sawmill at the Elågerman River in the Ådalen in northern Sweden. Here they make 100,000 liters of pure alcohol a year, and the vision is simple: to make the world’s best single malt whiskey. Therefore, there is, of course, much focus on both raw materials and features in production: you use both pilsmanmal from Halmstad in Sweden and smoked malt imported from Scotland, the water comes from the local river and fermentation is exceptionally long to create as much taste as possible. The distillery is one of the northern most situated worldwide, and there is huge temperature fluctuations in their stocks (which are not temperature controlled) which has a radical effect on the whiskey’s interaction with the wood dishes. You use two types of dishes, both first-fill bourbon dish of American white and Spanish Oloroso-Sherryfade. Some are also built to a traditional, Swedish dish type called ankare, which contains just just 40 liters. These are used especially for private drainages.

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