Wolfburn – Northland 70 CL 46%

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In the nose there are sweet notes of fruit and fresh sea air with hints of fresh citrus, grain and smoked peat. The taste is slightly nutty with a touch of grapes and honey and hints of flowers, dried fruit and spices.

Wolfburn is the northernmost distillery on the Scottish mainland and the tip of the UK mainland. Here, whiskey becomes in the same way, as it has always happened: by hand, with the best ingredients and completely without haste. William Smith founded the distillery in 1821 on the outskirts of the city of Thurso, which means “Thor’s place” and has roots back to the Vikings. Smith gave the distillery name Wolfburn after the watercourse running right next door. “Burn” is Scottish for “small river”. The distillery was built in the hardy, local Caihness stones and when in 2011 would recover the old distillery after 150 years of oblivion, you found the old, raw stones. One crucial factor for good whiskey still existed on the spot, just as fresh and pile as almost 200 years ago: the cold water in Wolfburn. In 2012, the Scots therefore cleared a small, nearby piece of land for ages and weeds and began again, 150 years later, creating whiskey on site with water from Wolfburn.

Already, Wolfburn has won a large number of prices and has been praised for the clouds. Not least of the world’s most famous whiskey reviewer, Jim Murray: For All its Youth, ITS Excellence and Quality Glimmers from the Glass. Add to this a gold at World Whiskies Awards, Gold at World Spirits Awards and Gold at Concours International de Lyon.

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Fruit acid


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